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My Story

Hi there, I'm Jon Webb, the founder of Webb Architecture Services. My journey in the world of design began with a passion for fine art and animation, which I pursued at Chelsea College of Art and Design. From there, I transitioned into the glazing industry as a draftsman, where I honed my skills in CAD and 3D design.

My career took an exciting turn when I joined the esteemed Richard Rogers Partnership (now RSHP), where I had the privilege of contributing to numerous iconic buildings and spaces. Inspired by this experience, I pursued further education in architecture, earning a degree from The London Metropolitan University. It was during this time that my desire to create homes for individuals and families truly took root.

After spending several years in Ireland, where I explored various design roles spanning architectural projects to graphic design and illustration, I returned to London seeking new challenges. Venturing into the realm of retail design, I discovered a newfound appreciation for creativity and versatility.

It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that I found myself at a crossroads, and I seized the opportunity to refocus on my true passion: crafting spaces that resonate with individuals on a personal level, and Webb Architecture Services was born.

With a wealth of experience garnered from working both in the UK and Ireland, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional design solutions that hopefully exceed expectations. 

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My Values

I listen.

The first and most important step. Understanding clients' needs and desires is paramount. No two projects are the same, no two clients are the same. 

I ask.

With plenty of questions up my sleeves, and pen and paper ready to capture the merest hint of an interesting idea. Exploring the unknown to uncover valuable insights.


I innovate.

Sketching furiously – on screen and on paper, to craft an original solution perfect for you.

I collaborate.

Bouncing ideas off others when a problem seems particularly tricky. I also collaborate with other experts, such as structural engineers, party wall surveyors and quantity surveyors.

I create.

Remain flexible and open-minded in the pursuit of excellence, whilst jumping through all those hoops to get your project to the finish line. 

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